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Special Menu! Risotto Scamorza, Funghi, and Tartufo – Mamma Rosy, Kemang

It’s the first time on this blog I took a special menu as a highlight here! This time, thank you Mamma Rosy! This special menu is my step further for knowing more about my favourite renowned jewel of kitchens, truffle. Usually, I used to eat truffle in infused oil form, the paste form, and this time… I ate it as a slice!!

Today (October, 14th 2013) Rino and I visited Mamma Rosy on Kemang for lunch. We initially also wanted to meet Daniel, but apparently he didn’t go there. In the other hand, he told me that there’s a meal with truffle as a special menu. It’s risotto truffle! It thrilled to my core!

So once we got there, a waitress told me about the risotto truffle. It’s Risotto Scamorza, Funghi, and Tartufo. Here’s the description:

Risotto Scamorza, Funghi, and Tartufo

Italian smoked scamorza cheese risotto with champignon mushrooms and black truffle a fall must of Italian culinary tradition.


Recommended pairing wine white (Prosecco or Sauvignon Blanc)

Despite the price,  well… I already knew that a meal with truffle will has a quite high price, and for today’s lunch, fortunately… I prepared for it! So I ordered it!

Mamma Rosy - Risotto Scamarzo, Funghi, and  Tartufo (1)

Here you go!

Mamma Rosy - Risotto Scamarzo, Funghi, and  Tartufo (3)

Mamma Rosy - Risotto Scamarzo, Funghi, and  Tartufo (2)

See the slices!

Once it in front of me, I amazed. Look at this summer truffle slices. For a single meal, the amount is generous! As I tasted the rice, it’s nice, al dente, and it has a strong unique taste of truffle (strong garlicy, nutty, kinda like that…) and the texture of the truffle is good (a bit rubbery). I took a bigger bite and the truffle slices was done. Underneath, there are slices of champignon. The flavour shifted perfectly and bridged by the truffle from it to the taste of Italian smoked cheese of scamorza. Topped with parmesan? Mmmm… so yummy!!

Rino told me his impression:

“The nice thing here is the truffle flavor that left in risotto perfectly bridged the champignon and cheese inside. It’s a perfect shift when you consider to eat the mushroom first and leave the rest of the rice later.”

Sadly, soon I realized that I finished the meal. It’s a perfect bliss for my afternoon!

Personal note, I wish I can learn more about truffle. I need a sponsor to see it myself on the field of Italy and France. Wish me luck everyone! If anybody wants to grant me, please contact my e-mail at soon!

Thank you!

AW’s Rating: √√√√√ (full score!)

Price: Rp 159.000,00 (tax and service charge not included)

Note: It’s a special menu, go there soon before the offer ended!


Jalan Kemang Raya no. 58. South Jakarta – Jakarta Capital Region, Indonesia.

Phone: +62 21 71791592

Twitter: @mammarosy_jkt

Click for web.

Operation Hour:

Weekdays: 11 am – 10 pm

Weekend: 11 am – 12 am

Tips: Nice for lunch and dinner!

-AW & AM-


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