Culinary Memoirs of A Biologist Who Loves Food

Spätzle Express, Berlin

I went to Berlin this May (2016) and I had a chance to try some foods in here. But, of all my visit, there is a restaurant that somehow quite far from the downtown (took me there via U1 unter/metro line) near Görlitzer Bahnhof (Station). Here, I got a chance to try the Swabian (Southwestern Germany) food that similar to pasta. Well, those are pastas, aren’t they? So yeah, I went to this place called Spätzle Express.

Spatzle Express (2)

Outside view and outdoor dining area.

Spatzle Express (1)

Indoor dining area (from my seat, looking outside).

It’s a simple place to eat. All you need is order the food and go to your seat. Food you may found here is schnitzel in Tuesday and Thursday, while for the other days, there are three kinds of food you may order: Spätzle, Maultaschen, and Schupfnudeln. Spätzle on its original language means “little sparrows”, maybe because it looks small. I tried one portion of spinach späatzle with gorgonzola and mushroom sauce.

SE - Spinach Spatzle (1)

SE - Spinach Spatzle (2)

Späatzle with gorgonzola and mushroom sauce (served with salad).

It first impression is rather unique. It looks like long beans and I noticed the pan-frying mark on the pastas. The combination of boiling and frying is somehow make it more delicious and the sensation sometimes a bit close to crisp on the outside and soft like pasta on the inside. For the taste, it’s so delicious! Gorgonzola mushroom sauce is really top everything really nice!

Then, I push myself a bit further (at the moment I was low on budget, but this would be my only chance to eat something in Berlin for this period of time in Europe). So, I ordered vegetable maultaschen. In concept, maultaschen is very similar to ravioli, except for its bigger square shape.

SE - Vegetarian Maultaschen (1)

SE - Vegetarian Maultaschen (2)

Vegetarian maultaschen in herb sauce.

It’s basically similar to ravioli. They made it with combinations of vegetable (I believe they put spinach, onion, and carrot, then mashed them up together) and serving it with creamy herb sauce. It was good! And since those are more compact than spätzle, it makes you stuffed easily.

I haven’t got a chance and enough money and budget (I was stuffed as well) to buy the schupfnudeln, but all I know, it similar to Italian gnocchi, but it looks like pupa, or American football ellipsoid ball, and also fried after boiling. You can see this on wiki if you want.

That’s quite an afternoon experience. For everything else, since it farther than downtown area, be mindful of your surroundings. Last time I got there, some people offered me weed from the moment I stepped out the station. But they didn’t do harm at the time, so just be careful.


Address: Wiener Straße 11, 10999 Berlin, Germany. Phone: +49 30 69534463. Web: Spätzleexpress

Opening hours: Everyday 12:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Ordered food (on this article):

  1. Späatzle with gorgonzola and mushroom sauce (served with salad) – Medium sized: EUR 7.20
  2. Vegetarian maultaschen in herb sauce – Small sized: EUR 4.69
  3. Still mineral water (0.25 L): EUR 1.20

Price range:

Foods: EUR 1.70 – 10.80

Beverages: EUR 1.00 – 3.50

Foursquare: Link

TripAdvisor: Link

Notes: Best for lunchtime!


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