Culinary Memoirs of A Biologist Who Loves Food

(BIO FACTION) Standardised Production in Kitchen

When we are eating in our house, we all know that when we are cooking, the proportion and composition of the ingredients we added are based solely by our instinct and experience in cooking. In higher scale, in restaurant level, higher experience is required so every food sent to each costumers are equally rationed and flavoured from time to time to maintain the quality of the restaurants and credibility of the staffs. In even higher production level, the uniformity of produced food must be kept at optimum level. Things that we called in here, both as result in hours of experiences and quality management are all about standardisation.

In Vienna at Fall 2015, Bio Faction opened a workshop about food standardisation. Allowing the participants to make some foods with equally measured weights, sizes, even to the food appearances that required in industrial level of food production. As food is very closely related to food biological science, perfect adjustments/combinations will allow us to create the food product in desired variables of shape, flavours, colours, and odours. For example, the cylindrical egg and burger patties in this video (linked to Vimeo):

For Vimeo-unabled countries, the video can be accessed here.

As I always said in this blog, making constantly good food requires much efforts, one error might result on lower income for your restaurants or home industries!

Video is provided by Markus Schmidt of BioFaction Vienna (2015).


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