Culinary Memoirs of A Biologist Who Loves Food

Mille-Feuille Katsu (Kimukatsu, Jakarta)

Japanese meat cutlet or katsu is one of simplest Japanese dish, made of sliced meat like pork, beef, or chicken, then breaded in panko breadcrumbs, and deep-fried. This kind of meal is typically served with rice. There are many variations of katsu, but have you heard “a thousand-layer katsu”?

The concept called “mille-feuille” or in French means “thousand leaves” was, as I remembered, applied only in cakes. You probably heard about mille crêpe in a list of French desserts, it is a crêpe that being served in multiple layers in form of a cake, and between the crêpe layer, they put a sweet layer of cream. However, when we go back to the topic, I never heard anyone make a thousand layer concept in any one of savory dishes.

Recently, there is a new (quite new) restaurant in Mall Kota Kosablanka, Jakarta, called Kimukatsu and they serve this thousand layered katsu. The kimukatsu (キムカツ) concept was originally created in a franchise of the same name in Tokyo, Japan, but here in Indonesia, they don’t serve pork in the restaurant.

I visited the restaurant twice and I tried both the chicken and beef. The fun parts are: There are various of katsu in there – from the kimukatsu itself (chicken and beef) to salmon and tempeh (vegetarian), also in your table, there are authentic sweet-sour katsu sauce and sesame to grind and mix in your own desire.


Original Chicken Kimukatsu


The layers within

The layers in the thousand-layered chicken katsu or kimukatsu here probably are relatively hidden as the fact that chicken meat is more delicate than beef. On the first bite, it’s so juicy and it is really good with the sour katsu sauce. The coating is really crunchy as well!


Beef Garlic Kimukatsu


The layers and garlic inside

For the beef, I ordered one with garlic inside. As you can see on the pictures, the layers are more visible here than in the chicken one. The flavor is also awesome. As we probably know, the beef has more bite in it and the garlic blended perfectly in the middle, not overpowering, but just right.

Aside the concept, as I remembered, the folding technique to make layers in cooking helps to intensify the flavor, as the separations allow the juice to be preserved in it and being intensified; strengthening the depth of the flavor. And I think that this one works pretty well. Have to say, it’s a good experience to eat these kimukatsu!


Address: Mall Kota Kasablanka, Jl. Kasablanka No.88, Jakarta. Phone: (+62 21) 2946 5387. Zomato. TripAdvisor.

Ordered Meals:

  • Original Chicken Kimukatsu – IDR 45k before taxes
  • Beef Garlic Kimukatsu – IDR 54k before taxes


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