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Transitional Article: Indonesia to Finland

Nampaknya… udah 2 hari lagi sampai saya bakal terbang dari Indonesia ke Finlandia untuk S3. Simpel aja, yang saya mau bilang… saya bakal lebih sering pakai bahasa Inggris… walaupun ya saya bertanya2 kapan seharusnya saya pakai bahasa Indonesia ya? Haha. Mungkin kalian bisa memberi pendapat kalian di kolom komentar di bawah.

Well… for me, it will be a totally new story to tell. Don’t you think? More food to eat, more chefs to meet, and more steps to lead.

Scandinavian cuisine, they said it’s more plain than what we normally eat in Indonesia. Of course, we have all spices that we need here. Peppers, nutmeg, cloves, chilli peppers, and more. All food in Europe will normally rely more on aroma and taste from herbs and only few spices (more spices and herbs combinations are used in Mediterranean countries). Not in Nordic… Scandinavian country like Finland. They used broth from meat or vegetables, salt, wildly harvested mushrooms, herbs and berries (like lingonberry), that means their food would be… earthy. And they used bread and potato instead of rice as staple food.

In the future, I will let you know on how can we find edible mushrooms and plants in the wild, story of fishing (am I patient enough for this… that’s the question to tell!), (legal) hunting… and more! And obviously, there will be more recipes, more restaurants, and more… more… stories!

For 2016, it will be around Finland, especially Turku, Helsinki, or perhaps Oulu? And any neighbouring countries like Sweden, Norway, or Denmark.

It’s a 10,301 Km journey, mate!

So… sampai jumpa Indonesia…

…ja tervetuloa Suomen! 🙂

PS: Here… read the spoiler on food!



Mamma Rosy, Kemang

Hello all! As I already said before, this is a special article that I wrote in English. I intended to allow more people in the world to read and see this article. Well, for other articles, as I haven’t yet go further from my home range to hunt, I say… I will keep writing the rest in Bahasa Indonesia.

This Saturday afternoon (Sept 28th, 2013) I went to an Italian restaurant on Kemang. This is one of my routine review for ShoppingMagz actually, and the first review after I went to Yogyakarta for my master degree. So, after some hours freezing in the bus and took a power nap, this visit is really refreshing for me. In addition, I love Italian food since I was in 2nd grade. Thanks to my mom and grandma.

Meanwhile… I went to Mamma Rosy with Rino, my friend, who also my partner-in-crime for eating in a restaurant, and he also has a sharp tongue for food.

From my first impression, the restaurant is more… Balinese from the outside, as I walked further inside… I looked to my left and it become Javanese. Stare forward… okay, it’s Italian. Cool! Later it confirmed by one of the owner, Daniel Vigone. He told me that it’s indeed that the restaurant art concept adapted Balinese-Javanese culture and then added with a touch of Italian on the inside. The restaurant is managed by Vigone family, and the entire meals are cooked under supervision of Mrs. Rosy Vigone, Daniel’s mother. “Basically, my family and I love to eat and cook. My grandma opened a restaurant on my home, then my mom, I learned cooking from my mom.”  said Daniel. On the outdoor and garden segment of the restaurant (called Portico), I can see the family photos on the pillars. It’s lovely to see when your passion runs deeply into your veins from generation to generation. I can feel that.

The restaurant so far is consists several segment: The Portico (outdoor, near garden, smoking area), Saleta (indoor, next to kitchen, with air conditioning, non-smoking area), VIP-gallery plus indoor bar, and one outdoor bar on the upstairs which currently under construction. All I see, these places are really comfortable to stay.

Then Daniel told me about the meals for review, I nodded and waited in excitement! Ah right, for the drink… I only took an iced tea for quenching my thirst.

First, there was Tris. The plated meal consists of 3 dishes: a salad with mayo, a nice pie with green fillings and egg yolk, and a thin meat with creamy sauce with capers and olive on it. I like the taste of the meat. It’s tender, and it matches with the creamy sauce. The ‘pie”, well… I haven’t ask them what it called in Italian. It tasted like pesto verde inside, with a layer of thin crust-bread encasing it. It’s yummy and I ended this meal by salad, it’s a perfect creamy freshness!

Mamma Rosy - Tris


Next, two sets of carpaccio arrived to my table. To let you know, carpaccio is Italian meat-based meal. A thin slice meat, added with olive oil and shaved/shredded cheese on the top. For now, I have Carpaccio Salmon and Carpaccio Manzo. Carpaccio Manzo is a set of thinly sliced roasted beef, added with olive oil, black peppers , chopped basil, tomato, and grated Parmesan. I took a bite, and the combination danced in my mouth. It matched perfectly. Then Carpaccio Salmon, slices of smoked salmon, olive oil, black peppers, chopped basil, tomato, and orange. One that make it unique, it served with diced goat cheese. In my tongue, it’s so Mediterranean and fantastically fresh. I love it, especially I am a salmon lover.

Mamma Rosy - Carpaccio Salmon (2) Mamma Rosy - Carpaccio Salmon (1)

Carpaccio Salmon.

Mamma Rosy - Carpaccio Manzo (2) Mamma Rosy - Carpaccio Manzo (1)

Carpaccio Manzo.

Then, there’s Fritto Misto. A platter of mixed small seafood (anchovies, shrimps, cuttlefish rings, etc) served with mayo. It’s actually made a nice hors d’ouvre for your meal and a nice side dish for extending your time while having a nice chats. Crispy seafood goodness and good time, perfect combination isn’t it?

Mamma Rosy - Fritto Misto

Fritto Misto.

Now we enter the main course. There’s Brasato. A thinly sliced beef, it’s already coated with special Italian gravy, topped with grated carrot, and served with fried potato wedges. Lovely taste!

Mamma Rosy - Brasato


Pizza. Everybody loves pizza, right? When your heart is down, pizza will always there to cheer you up! Aside to the main course, pizza also a nice conversation fuel when you are with your friends. Mamma Rosy gave us Pizza Dolce Vita and Pizza Sandi Sandoro. Pizza Dolce Vita is mild and simple, pizza, tomato sauce, and cheese. Pizza Sandi Sandoro… well, it named after a singer, consists of smoked salmon, aragula, sun dried tomato, capers and black olives. As I tasted from time to time, a pizza with combination of salmon, capers, and olive is a perfect match. Overall, I love their pizza. It’s crispy but not crumbly and tough, nice topping proportion, and perfect combination. Bravo!

Mamma Rosy - Pizza Dolce Vita Mamma Rosy - Pizza Sandi Sandoro

Pizza Dolce Vita and Pizza Sandi Sandoro.

For pasta, they have Tagliatelle Vongole. I love seafood, add it to pasta with superb cooking skills? Magnificent. Mamma Rosy  gave me a nice pasta for my lunch. I love the vongole (clam)! It’s light, and presents the core flavour of the vongole, and allow you to sense the pasta.

Mamma Rosy - Tagliatelle Vongole

Tagliatelle Vongole.

My last and the highest rated main course of Mamma Rosy, here it is: Risotto Gorgonzola! When this menu was served, everyone dazed. Even Rino who already tasted the real risotto on Italy. It’s creamy but not gooey (of course, it’s a mark of nice risotto), perfect rice consistency, it’s nice on common Indonesian tongue (many people dislike strong taste of Gorgonzola cheese, but this risotto allowed the taste to blend perfectly with the cream). When I go to Mamma Rosy again, I’d like to order this as my meal for sure!

Mamma Rosy - Risotto Gorgonzola

Risotto Gorgonzola.

Man… I was full and had my tummy indulged with these meals. But who will deny a nice dessert?

Tiramisu. So common in Indonesia. But I challenge you to find, how many are there who make it so original, it uses savoiardi (lady fingers) biscuit, soaked with coffee, and topped in layers with cream? Here, they have it on Mamma Rosy.

Mamma Rosy - Tiramisu


Next… Crostata di Mele. For me, it’s like Italian pie with crumble (well as I know, there is no crumble, but for me this addition enhanced the flavour). Yummy! Especially when I ate it with the vanilla ice cream. Mmmm…

Mamma Rosy - Crostata di Mele

Crostata di Mele.

Later… a creamy sweet goodness of Zuppa Inglese. Yum!

Mamma Rosy - Zuppa Inglese

Zuppa Inglese.

A Panna Cotta… perfect size, creamy, lovely vanilla, good enough to die for! Everyone attended here rushed to take a sip of this. Me? Don’t you dare to cross my line! *nyaamm*

Mamma Rosy - Panna Cotta

Panna Cotta.

Finally… Budino Della Nonna. I swear, this one is nice! Topped to eleven as I’m a sweet tooth and I love caramel! It’s wonderful!

Mamma Rosy - Budino Della Nonna

Budino Della Nonna.

Good food made by passionate family, perfect and comfortable ambience, good talk, and some warm and nice sharing with Vigone family. It’s a total hits for me! In ShoppingMagz’s Food Squad lexicon: Happy tummy! I’ll go there sometime for meals, and I wish to have a good talk with them again.

With Vigone Family

Me (left), Rino (right), and Vigone Family.

PS: For Daniel, please invite me for the truffle season, because I’ll do anything to see it, touch it, and taste it by myself! (of course if I allowed :p )

AW’s Personal Rating: √√√√√ (Perfect score, who object my decision? Everything is nice here!)


Jalan Kemang Raya no. 58. South Jakarta – Jakarta Capital Region, Indonesia.

Phone: +62 21 71791592

Twitter: @mammarosy_jkt

Click for web.

Operation Hour:

Weekdays: 11 am – 10 pm

Weekend: 11 am – 12 am

Budget range (tax not included):

Foods & desserts: Rp 39.000,00 – Rp 149.000,00

Beverages: Rp 22.000,00 – Rp 1.600.000,00

Additional notes: Just come and enjoy! Daniel told me that in circa October 2013, the upstairs bar will be opened!